Artist's Statement





 I have long been interested in dynamic structures of power found in nature, such as tornadoes and other phenomena that are organized around vortexes. The drawings included in the Tornadoes gallery were all based on videos taken by storm chasers. The ability to play a video sequence forward and back provided me a better understanding of the individual tornadoes movement and character, which I have tried to make evident in these sheets. Tornadoes are a primary image by which I mean to convey my concern for the degradation of the planet, and its growing unhabitability for all living things on it. My other imagery also reflects these concerns. I approach the topic  obliquely, without a didactic lecture.




My figurative watercolors are based on pre-existing sculptures like the ones in the Little Men gallery.  I exaggerate the natural inclination of the watercolor medium to mix and flow.  I find the streams of pigment beyond the confines of the figure make it seem to be acted upon by internal (psychic) or external (wind, time, etc.) forces.


There is a theatrical element in much of my work. My interest in theatre  manifests itself in many ways—noteworthy are the little animal pictures. 

They were inspired by the dioramas one sees in natural history museums,

and by my love of nature and the outdoors.


Our mysterious place and relationship to the cosmos and stars of which we are a tiny part is another theme in my work that seems always to recur.  My figures engage the stars as though they understand that they are an integral part of a greater whole that is connected to eternity. 


Forces and powers that play significantly in our lives but are not clearly understood are evident in the abstraction and the representation.  In my abstraction I like to display the means by which such a painting is produced, while at the same time, not deny that the work's effect on the viewer remains an appeal to the senses, with emotional , and perhaps philosophical impact.


The works on this site are only a small sample of the themes they represent. There are many other areas such as abstraction, and drawings for example that are not on this DavidMaximStudio site. If you contact me I can show you more works, all at very reasonable prices.  And in many cases, the shipping cost is included.


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